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Stockton Motorcycle club Sonora Pass Ride July 21, 2013

The Stockton Motorcycle Club had our annual Sonora Pass Ride Sunday July 21, 2013. We go up and over Sonora Pass, Monitor Pass and Ebbetts Pass.  Our day started at 7:30 as we left Stockton and headed for Knights Ferry and the 50's Diner. Breakfast may be better with the new owners.

Next we head up Hwy 108  and stop for gas east of Sonora.

Now we are ready to head up the mountain and Dardanelles.  Water and potty break and make sure everyone is still with us.  Had two newer riders and we had told them to ride at their confort level, we would wait for them.
Roger and Bob

 Bill Wollner from Post Stockton MC

Henry Harvey 

Up and over Sonora Pass and lunch at Walker Barbeque. Some of the best around and a great place to stop for lunch. Temperature was approaching 100 in Walker. We could see dark clouds to the east and though we could be wet before the day was over.

Ken and Coby

Roger at lunch

This dog got up to check for scraps and then went back to this same spot. He did not like the heat.

After lunch we headed north to Monitor Pass. Just as we started to climb Monitor Pass Bill Wollner's new BMW died and would not restart. Roger, Mike and Colby stayed to help Bill Wollner and I took off to catch Fred, Ken, Bob and Henry.  After I caught them we waited for Colby who said Bill Wollner was going to spend the night in Topez and get the BMW towed to a dealer.

Ken had Mint Tits to share.

Never had a Mint Tit.

Henry Harvey had a bee get under his shield and it stung him above his left eye.

We headed for Ebbetts Pass and the dark clouds. Dark turned to rain and rain turned to hail. Temp dropped to 56 degrees after being over 100 just a little while ago. Bob, Fred, Ken and I continued on to Lake Alpine to waited for everyone to catch up. Dry when we got to Lake Alpine but the rain moved in on us. We had the right gear to ride in the rain, Colby and Scott not so much.

My bike getting rinsed in the rain

Henry breaking out the rain coat.

Colby and Scott arrive

Scott and what not to wear in the rain and hail. No finger gloves, jeans, vented jacker and a scull cap helmet.   Poor man was shaking from the cold. Had a bruise on his finger from the hail.

Rain picked up as we waited for Roger and Mike. Roger rode by us and Mike pulled in. I took off to catch Roger. Roger and I waited at Bear Valley for the other to ride by. 

Enjoying the rain.

Good friends who love to ride and know how.

We all headed down the hill to Arnold and gas. My K1600 took 5 gallons just under 49 miles per gallon I am going to like this bike. Roger turned on 49 and headed for home, the rest of us headed to Copperopolis and the Cruse Ice Cream shop.   Perfect end to a great ride and day.

Trailer video short one minute.

Full 5 minute video

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