Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Corbin seat

Got my new Corbin seat with the Smuggler.  Have to say Corbin has been great using my GT to make both the dual touring saddle and the single seat with the Smuggler.

Put a short Video together of the Smuggler.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ebbetts Pass Nov 6th 2012

The weather has been great for the last week and a storm was due in two days. Tuesday looked like a great day for a ride. I like riding on a weekday and not on the weekend now that I am retired. The coast looked nice but the Sierra Passes were all open. The Sierra wins; in two days they may be closed until next spring.

Headed out Hwy 88 trying to decide if I wanted to go up Hwy 88 to Markleeville or if I should go up Hwy 4. Ran into traffic caused by tour busses just past Clements CA. The busses turned up Hwy 88 so I continued up to Hwy 4. Not much traffic until Angles Camp, took Murphys Grade road to Murphys. The town was full of tourists even on a Tuesday.  The temp was 82 degrees in November fantastic weather. Almost no traffic going up to Bear Valley, stopped there to mount the GoPro. The Lake Alpine lodge looked closed for the season. I was up there Oct 21 with Fred Kaplan and Bob Kendall, it was COLD that day and felt like snow.

Lots of sand all over the road after Lake Alpine, going to be a slow ride. Only saw a few cars and 4 motorcycles going over the pass. Going down the back side saw a pickup with the hood up. Stopped to ask the driver if all was OK. She said no and needed a ride to her camp down the hill. She said no one else had stopped, WTH is wrong with people.  I gave her a slow ride down to her camp and headed for Markleville. The trees still had color going by the river, with the storm coming this would be the last Sierra color I would see this year.

Only one cafe was open for lunch so that is where I went. Special was Pork Tamale and it was good. Four other riders stopped and had lunch while I was there. Two were going over the pass and two were heading back to Tahoe where they rode from.  The K1600GT is turning into a great ride. I am enjoying the whistles and bells that it came with.

After lunch I headed for Hwy 88 and Carson Pass. Almost all the color was gone in Hope Valley
sad as it is some the best in the Sierra. Temperature in Markleeville was over 80 eating outside.

Leaving Hope Valley it started to cool off fast, by Kirkwood and the Carson Spur it was down to 54 degrees and felt lower. Up and over the Spur the sun brought the temp back up and it was warn all the way to Stockton.

Another Great Ride, Hope you enjoy the videos. First one is a trailer I made using IMovie; the second is my first try at a full edit with music.



Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stockton Motorcycle Club's Wednesday Night Ferry Boat Ride

Stockton Motorcycle Club's Wednesday Night Ferry Boat Ride.

This year the ride was on July 4th. We had a good turn out with 11 riders. Because it was a holiday we started at 5:00 PM. Great idea as we did not have to ride into the sun. This was a nice slow ride on the levee  roads, good thing as the wind was up and moving. We ride the Grand Island ferry first and then on to the Real McCoy II across the Sacramento River. Next stop was John Jorgenson's house for a visit. John and Cora Jorgenson are great people and make everyone welcome. Cora had homemade lupia and pie for everyone.  We finished up at the SMC club house for a Bar-B-Q.

Me and my new K1600GT waiting for the Real McCoy Ferry.

What is left of the bird I hit. Bike came out better than the bird.

Fred Kaplan looking at the river from the Grand Island ferry. Henry Harvey on his ST1300, Mike Sanguinetti walking around.

Ken Genicco and a visitor on the Real McCoy II

The group waiting for the Real McCoy to arrive.

Cora and John Jorgenson and Me getting ready to leave from Johns house on the river.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New to me BMW and picking it up in Mission Viejo

I have been looking at new motorcycles for a while. Last Friday I went to Modesto to test drive the new BMW K1600GT. I tried it and the 1200RT. The K1600 was a bike I could own, not so with the 1200RT too much shake. There was a K1600GT on Ebay and the Modesto BMW dealer ran the vin number for me to check out the bike. I decided that if I could save $3,000 off MSRP the Ebay bike with 4,400 miles would be a good buy.  Monday at 3:20 PM I won the Ebay auction. LINK to auction The bike was at Mission Viejo Infiniti 400 miles away.

Wednesday left the house at 7:00 AM headed to the Sacramento Airport, a start to a long day. Southwest does a great job of moving you around California. Flight was overbooked by 4 and they offered a $300 voucher and a refund on your ticket for today flight. Next flight was Noon and I would be riding in LA rush hour traffic, I passed on the bump, a good decision. Flight was quick and a great view of the Sierra's as we flew south. Alfredo the sales manager said he would pick me up at the airport and he was waiting, great service for a used vehicle.

Signed paper work and parted with some $$$ and I was on the road at 12:30PM headed home. I planned to stop after leaving the dealership to have lunch and call Veronica before getting on I-5. Two right turns, no restaurants and I was on I-5 headed north. Got in the carpool lane, you can't get off everywhere so I missed a couple of places to eat. The freeway like all in California was rough as hell, bike was bouncing on the slabs. Quick switch from Sport to Comfort on the adjustable suspension and I feel like I am on a Honda Goldwing, same road now smooth.

Carpool lane ended and I was reminded why I don't live in LA!  TRAFFIC it came to a near stop,glad I did not take the flight bump this morning it would be worse in rush hour traffic.  Where safe I started to split (share) lanes. Only 20 to 25 miles per hour but I was moving. Kept this up for almost 3 hours, all the way to Santa Clarita at the base of the grapevine. Time for a break, Micky D's for a fish sandwich.

Best thing about LA is the weather some of the best in the world and today was one of those days. Light overcast and mild temps, this was about to change. Lots of traffic going over the grapevine but moving 75+ nice ride. Dropping down into the valley you could feel the heat coming. I found the air temperature on the BMW control menu and watched it rise to 102 degrees at the I-5 Hwy 99 split. Sign said road work on I-5 expect delays 34 miles ahead, quick decision to ride up Hwy 99. Pulled into a quick-stop  for water and a call to let Veronica know where I was. Drank 1/2 the bottle of water and headed back out to the heat.  One hour later still over 100 degrees, saw a rest stop and took a break. Drank the other 1/2 of my water bottle and refilled it. Called Veronica to let her know where I was at 5:00 PM. I poured the the water over my t-shirt and put on my jacket. I found the A/C vents on the BMW and the ride got better. Another hour and it was time for dinner and more water. Not much around so another Micky D's and an Angus Burger for dinner

Still over 100 degrees so more water over the t-shirt before heading north. Finally at Turlock the temp dropped below 100 degrees, 96 never felt so good.  Almost 7:30 PM and Wednesday night so I stopped at the Stockton Motorcycle Club . Needed to show off the new bike and have a diet coke.

Henry Harvey checking out the K1600GT.

Got home just before 9:00 PM. Longest day of the year and the still light out side when I got home.

SUMMARY: Long ride, not sure if Traffic in LA or the heat of the valley was the hardest to ride in. The K1600GT worked great and was comfortable to ride. Slabbing on I-5 is not my idea of the good ride, but needed to get home. The K1600GT has so many options I feel I need to take a class to learn them all, I will spend some time reading the manuals.

I think this bike will be around long enough to give Payton a ride when she gets a little bigger.

Monday, June 4, 2012

BARF ride to Tioga and Sonora Pass

Did my first BARF (Bay Area Riders Forum) ride. I started by reading a post on 5-9-12 by rodr Dawn to Dark Yosemite Ride. Have looked a several other Barf Rides but all did not fit my schedule, hard to do when you are retired. This ride was coming right through town so it was perfect. The route was almost the same as I have done for many years on Bill's birthday ride. Click here and scroll down for information on Bill's birthday ride.

Here is a short video from last years ride.

SV2007 arrived from the south bay at 7:35 AM and waited with me for the group to arrive. The bay area riders started out before dawn to get to Stockton around 7:50 AM.

The group arrived and we did a quick meet and greet.  Wide variety of motorcycles. Goldwing, H-D, Triumph, Suzuki V-Strom, Honda ST1300, Yamaha 400cc scooter, BMW boxer and K1300GT. Everything but a pocket rocket.

Going to be a long day so we are off to the first stop at Copperopalus.

Next Stop was the fish Hatchery at Moccasin .

 Has a discussion to add Olmsted point at a stop in Yosemite. Everyone who had been there said it is a must stop for photos. I did not mention that the person who layed out the run had not been over Tioga Pass.

 Next Stop gas, what a bargain only $5.09 per gal

Going through  Yosemite I ran a little over the limit and pulled away from the group to get pictures as everyone arrived at Olmsted Point'

 The group arriving, weather could not have been better. This section of road was closed by snow 5 days before.

Our group leader taking in the sights.

Our group photo at Olmsted Point

Tioga Pass 9,945 feet above sea level. 55 degree at this elevation, does not get much better.

We stopped for lunch at the famous Whoa Nellie Deli.

I had the Kansas City Caesar Salad.

Fish Taco's for the group leader.

 Next stop the town of Bridgeport CA. Everyone was ready for a stretch.

Next we headed north on hwy 395 to our turn to Sonora Pass.  I told everyone I would be stopping at the turn to turn on My GoPro video camera. I have attached a video below.

We rode to Sierraville for gas and then to Knights Ferry to look at the covered bridge and make decisions on dinner.  This had been a long day, my GPS said I would be getting home around 7:00 PM. The rider from Sonoma was looking at after 9:00PM.  At his point I told the group I would follow until the turn off to Valley Home Road. 

Video of Orange Blossom Road.

Over all a great day with a fine group of riders. Everyone rode at there own pace, and no one ridding over there head as I have seen on other group rides. Hope some of the BARF riders can make my ride on September 16, 2012.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fred and Henrys birthday ride

May 27, 2012 time for Fred and Henry's birthday ride. This year we had just our core group of riders, Fred Kaplan, Henry Harvey, Bob Kendall, Ken Genecco and myself Bill Harr.  We left Hwy12 and I-5 at 7:15 and headed for breakfast at the Black Bear Diner in Suison City.  Great breakfast and conversation with good friends. After breakfast Ken found that his Vanson jacket had been stolen not a good start to the day.

Ken was so bummed that he decided to head back home.

The four of us continued on. Up through the Napa Valley, the traffic in St Helena was bad as always. Someone is spending money.

Our first gas stop is Cloverdale, Gas, water and stretch the legs.

 Henry, Bob and Fred

 Henry, Bob and Bill

We  turn up hwy 101 and turn on hwy 128 headed for Booneville. In Booneville we turn on Mountain View road and head for the coast.This a tight and fun road.

Lunch at the Point Arena Lighthouse Resort.  Rollerville Cafe.

 Henry enjoying the sun and being out of the wind.

 Bill and Bob doing the same, waiting for the food.

 Fred arrives and want to know where the food is.


Full and Happy
after lunch

 We head down Hwy 1, one the the best motorcycle roads in the USA.  At Stewards point we turn inland and up Skaggs Springs Road. This is a 50/50 road the coast side is one lane, tight turns and redwoods. The valley side is wide, smooth and a race track.

Entrance to Skaggs Springs Road at Stewards Point.

 Here is a video I found of the   west side of Skaggs Springs road
 It was a 3 hour ride to St Helena and dinner at Taylor's Refresher in St Helena. It is the home the $6.00 milkshake and $9.00 hamburger. It also may be the cheapest place to eat in the Napa Valley, there is always a line to order.

 Fred, Henry and Bod in line a Taylor' Refresher in St Helena.

Fred enjoying his burger.

 Bob has frys with his burger

Henry did the big hotdog and chocolate shake.

After dinner it was time to head for home. Another great ride with good friends.

I cleared my setting when we left hwy 12 and I-5. Total mileage from my house and back 385 miles.