Monday, February 18, 2013

Cycle Specialties Shop Ride 2-17-2013

Cycle Specialties Shop Ride February 17, 2013
My first ride with this group. Drinking the kool-aid riding a BMW I might as well see how it is riding with a group of BMW riders. Met up with my good friends Fred and Bob.
Bob Kendall

Ride got going at 9:20 AM not too late for a group of 19 riders. First stop was Casa De Fruita for a pit stop and gas for the riders with small tanks. From there we were off to Carmel. Lots of traffic going over and it was hard to keep the group together. Road from 101 to Castroville was bumper to bumper. Ride was planned to go down Ocean Blvd in Carmel. John our group leader made the right decision to bypass the traffic and head for lunch at the start of Carmel Valley Road. After lunch and gas we were off over Carmel Valley Road headed to King City on Hwy 101.   

This was my first ride all the way on Carmel Valley Road to 101. I was also riding with a group of riders I did not know. Because of this I allowed extra room if someone made a wrong move. This proved to be a good choice. A FJR rider went wide into the grass and crashed. He was only going 25 to 30 so no injurys, just damage to his bike. The FJR was still rideable so he was able to finish the ride.

Photo opportunity on a one lane bridge at the end of Carmel Valley Road.

Our group leader John of Cycle Specialties did a great job organizing the ride and keeping everyone together. We rode up Hwy 25 to Hollister and then over to Casa De Fruita. It was now 6:00 PM and Fred, Bob and I decided to stop for dinner and said good by and thanks to the group. Ride Video and Map of ride below. Just over 390 miles from my house and back.

First part of Ride.

Second half of the Ride.