Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stockton MC's New Years Day Ride


The new year got off to a cold and early start. Seven SMC club member and 4 riders from the Ports MC showed up for breakfast at the Black Bear in Tracy. It was 30 degrees leaving Stockton and warmed to the high 30's as we left Tracy.

South on I-5 to Del Puerto Canyon. Lots of bicycle traffic going up to the Junction. We noticed 50 or more sports cars going by on Mines road headed for Mount Hamilton. We did not know they would be taking a break just a mile of so up the road.

                                       The attached video starts as we leave the Junction.

Leaving the Junction we ran into the cars some parked and some just leaving. I passed several and got behind a quick group. Followed them as we left the slower cars behind. Saw some frost on the side of the road and felt the BMW's tractions control cut my power as I exited a corner. Told myself that this is stupid and slowed up; took the first safe spot to pull over and waited for the bikes to catch up. As we rode up to the top two cars caught up to us and we waved them around. I think the drivers thought they were world class drivers.

At Lick Observatory there was a traffic jam with all the cars. Great weather on to just not a clear as we had though it would be.

We headed down the hill for coffee to warm up.


                           Coffee and bench racing

From coffee we rode Sierra and Calaveras roads over to Hwy 84.  Lunch at Baja Fresh in Livermore.
After a late lunch some riders headed home; the rest of us headed for Morgan Territory road. Up and over to March Creek road. Hwy 4 and back to Stockton.  Another great ride.

Bill Harr

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